The Ultimate Key To Unlocking the Value of Your Client’s Treasures



Learn how to identify and value your client’s treasures. Your knowledge is the key to ensuring they get top dollar for their items, while adding new profits to your business.


The Keys Guild network of experts, auction houses, and dealers gives you access to the industry’s most respected resources. “Who you know is the key to setting you apart from the competition."


Become part of a mastermind group made up of professionals throughout the country. Enjoy obtaining knowledge, experience, and helpful interaction with others in your industry.


  • Live educational seminars with experts and industry leaders.
  • Training videos on how to identify and value collectibles.
  • Private message portal to communicate with experts, auction houses, dealers, and members.
  • Access to industry tools and resources.
  • Discounts, special offers and priority treatment from trade partners.
  • Private coaching opportunities.

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private community
The Keys Guild is a private mastermind group dedicated to the success of each member individually and collectively. We are a growing community of business professionals that share a commitment to providing client-centered services performed with the highest ethical standards. Our members participate to strengthen their business by advancing their skills through training, resources, and relationships. Members enjoy the advantage of knowing more about the items they handle. Whether organizing, moving, or consulting, they ensure clients have all the information and options necessary to achieve the best results when selling their treasures.

Learn how to determine the value of just about anything

What Our Members Are Saying

As a Keys Guild member, I have learned so much about collectibles advising in such a short time. I’m now hooked and want to keep learning more! Charles is so knowledgeable, kind and patient and I can’t wait to use my new skills to help my decluttering clients

Lauren Hass, NAPO Member

Clutter Kicker - Orange, CT

I love this group and everything we learn! As a NAPO member that wanted to expand my services to help clients declutter while getting the most for their money, this has been a win-win. My first deal not only covered the entire first year of dues for The Keys Guild but I also made a $2000+ profit just in that one deal! And I’m still learning!

Kiera Malowitz, NAPO Member

Declutter Coach & Professional Organizer

After just a few sessions, I knew that this level of training was going to take my organizing business to the next level. I was able to apply what I learned (after only a few sessions!!) to help my clients understand the value of key items like jewelry, glassware, and bric-a-brac. My clients now see me as not just an Organizer, but a resource that can help them determine the best course of action when they don’t know what to do with the valuable items they no longer need or want. As I continue learning with the Keys Guild, I am planning for a new type of profitable client while adding a new level of value to my existing, loyal clientele.

Debby Rogers, NAPO Member

Dallas, TX

As a professional organizer and business owner, I was looking to expand my service offerings to provide more value to my clients.  As a result of my Keys Guild training, my clients are receiving more money for their treasures and saving valuable time.  I wish I had been a Keys Guild Member when my mother downsized into assisted living.  These skills and connections would have saved me weeks of time and provided her with a much higher return on the items I sold on her behalf.

Liz Fackelman, Professional Organizer