Why Work With a Member of The Keys Guild?

If you want to earn the money your collectibles are worth & gain the peace of mind that comes with a trustworthy source, then you should be working with a member of The Keys Guild!

Are you overwhelmed by the objects around your home that may be worth money? You’re stuck wondering how to determine their value and where you would go to sell them — so there they sit year after year, collecting dust.

Maybe you’ve thought about taking them to an appraiser, but you don’t know if it’s even worth the fee. Perhaps you have items that were passed down from relatives, artwork that might be valuable, a collection of coins, or even what appears to just be old costume jewelry.

These items and so much more are often hidden treasures that are buried in everyday homes, waiting to be discovered!

But how do you find out what they’re worth, who will buy them, and feel secure that you’re getting the best value?

By Working With a Member of The Keys Guild!

What do you get from working with a member of The Keys guild?

  • A chance to turn your ‘stuff’ into money and earn what your objects are truly worth.

  • Time saved! Eliminate endless hours of research and legwork by going straight to the correct source.

  • A feeling of confidence that you aren’t letting something valuable slip through your fingers.

  • The assurance that you’re working with someone who has your best interests in mind.

  • Access to The Keys Guild network of experts. Imagine having a value consultant, collectibles expert, auction house, art dealer, and trusted advisor all rolled into one!

The Keys Guild was created to bridge the gap between individuals with unwanted items in their homes and the experts who can sell them at their highest value. The expansive network includes experts in every category of collectibles, dealers, auction houses, gallerists, and others in all areas of the collectibles community. These individuals own or work for the best companies in the industry and together represent a force of knowledge far greater than any single solution you could find.
The Keys Guild is the only resource of its kind. Working with a Keys Guild member serves as a one-stop-shop in the downsizing and collectibles industry.
Members of The Keys Guild are invested in their clients, so you can feel secure in their trustworthiness, knowledge, & access to a vast network that can get you the highest value possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Keys Guild is a community of experts in the collectibles industry that pools resources in order to find the best opportunities for their clients. Founded by Charles Tinsley, The Keys Guild was created to bridge the gap between individuals with unwanted items in their homes and the experts who know their value and where to sell them. The Keys Guild is the first resource of its kind and aims to help take the guesswork out of the valuables appraisal process, ensuring a secure relationship for the client.